Hey there, I’m the Nicole in Good Stuff, Nicole. Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!


*I’m as creative as I am impatient, sentimental as I am salty; at times, my language is as colorful as my artwork.

*Good Stuff, Nicole is where I design irreverent greeting cards to lighten moods and create artwork or surface designs to brighten spaces. You can find where my work is available by visiting here.

*The blog is where I share updates on my work, as well as jot my thoughts and solutions for simplifying shit in our lives and connecting to those who matter to us.

*Thankfully no, that bird didn’t crap on my head.

So that’s the Cliff Notes version of Good Stuff, Nicole, thanks for visiting! And if you feel like we might be kindred spirits, by all means, sign up for my newsletter or drop me a line.

Take care,

P.S. I’m also starting a new site of my fun designs and finds for kids, Juliet and Jack. (I promise the language over there is strictly Rated G.) For those familiar with my #wcdoodlesforlunch posts on Instagram and Facebook, a lot of the designs and projects I’ll be sharing there are based on those doodles, plus there’ll be posts on projects and books I love for kids and parents, so be sure to check it out!