Start Where You Are

Yeah, this website isn't finished yet and I'm crash coursing my way through Photoshop for Illustrators, but I've decided, "To hell with it," and started blogging. I was trying to keep up a social media presences while working on this site and my Juliet and Jack site, but I'm over Instagram's algorithms, fucking fed up with the Facebook Feed, and tired of Twitter rants (including my own) shouted into the ether. I've come home to roost in the little corner of the internet that I've carved out for myself and to start doing the bulk of my sharing from here. Like moving into a new home, it takes time to organize and make a space your own, but I trust you'll forgive the mess as I work to create an inviting space for us. So here we go...

first wave, Monday selfies, work in progress
first wave, Monday selfies, work in progress

Above you'll see some peeks from my morning...First Wave on Sirius on the ride to school was interesting. The marching beat of "Road to Nowhere" always gets me pumped while the song itself sort of depresses me. I think it's the state of the country today and knowing Talking Heads will never get back together that makes me a bit melancholy. The family selfie wasn't planned, but I set my phone on the ground to fix Juliet's shoe on the way to school and accidentally opened the camera. When I went to pick it up, I realized we were all on the screen and felt compelled to capture the moment. The angle is certainly not flattering with my 12 chins that are visible in that photo, but I'm really trying these days to embrace who I am, flaws, wrinkles and all- LOL! The final photo is me playing around with some lunchbox doodles I did for Jack years back that I want to turn into an "OWLphabet" for a few different projects, especially since I now have a daughter who LOVES owls.

Hope your Monday is going well; I'm already planning on weekend leftovers tonight as Monday dinner should never be that much work. Have to ease into this week, you know?

xo, nicole