An on-going list of good stuff I've found and I've fallen in love with. It's a sort of random collection of people, websites, products, etc., but give it a scroll and see if you don't find something useful, uplifting, or fun!   


  • Yoga With Adriene- She has a free channel on YouTube, which is where I first began using her videos, as well as a paid subscription with additional content, which I signed up for within a month of doing her videos because Adriene is AWESOME and when a monthly subscription costs less than ONE studio class, I'm happy to pay. I love her videos because there's something for everyone, she gives great auditory cues, and Adriene's this great mix of warm, accepting, goofy, and kinda crunchy.



to SIMPLIFY life

  • Library ExtensionCurrently only available for Google Chrome browsers (but coming soon for Firefox, "As you browse books and e-books, the Library Extension can check your library's online catalog and display the availability of that item on the same page." I love that whenever I'm on Amazon looking at books, this extension will let me know if a particular book is available through my local library. Great for saving money, supporting your local libraries, and keeping clutter accumulation to a minimum in your house. There are definitely books I like to own, but plenty of books that I'm happy to read and return. 



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